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Understand Your Exposure: Classifying Serious Injury and Fatality Potential in the Utility Industry

Nov 3, 2020 9:27:04 AM / by Kathy Culig, PhD, Principal Consultant & James Grant, VP- Utilities Leader posted in Serious Injury and Fatality, safety, organizational safety, DEKRA, workplace injuries, Crisis, Utilities, Workplace safety


Imagine that a team of utility workers is using a personnel lift to replace a large, heavy transformer. While taking down the old transformer, a rusted fastener breaks and the transformer falls, striking the ground. The good news is that since the team recognized the risk of falling objects, they set up a huge safety zone on the ground to keep people away from the work area. They also wore their personal protective equipment (PPE) and tied themselves off to prevent falling. Because of the preventive measures that the team took, no one is hurt.

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