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Motivating Managers to Lead Safety

Feb 23, 2021 9:08:24 AM / by DEKRA

In most organizations, managers have few opportunities to think about the underlying principles of safety, let alone know how to apply solutions for reducing injury exposures in the workplace.

In fact, many mid-level leaders view their role in safety as little more than checking in from time to time to make sure people are following the rules and meeting regulations. But in the same way that achieving results in production, quality, and customer service is about more than rules, safety requires managers to move beyond assuring compliance and take a more active role in safety execution.

There are a handful of safety-critical principles every manager should understand and be comfortable with putting into practice—not just occasionally, but every day. These principles help managers understand how the organization contributes to injuries, why seemingly inexplicable rule violations occur, and what they can do to move the workforce along the path to zero injuries.

Our latest ebook The Manager’s Safety Playbook: 5 Ways to Engage Mid-Line Managers in Safety, explores these principles and outlines activities managers can leverage to take charge of safety, while not compromising their effectiveness as organizational leaders.

The ebook covers:

  • Defining a clear safety role for managers
  • Creating alignment around safety objectives
  • Building effective action plans
  • Strengthening critical safety activities
  • Creating a culture of safety commitment

Managers don’t need to be experts in the technology of safety engineering and industrial hygiene. But they should understand how to deploy that expertise to the best advantage and know how to assure that the organization’s overall management systems contribute to, rather than detract from, safety objectives.

Download the ebook and start motivating managers to lead safety that gets results.


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Written by DEKRA