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Top 10 Workplace Safety Whitepapers and eBooks

Jan 7, 2021 3:01:11 PM / by DEKRA

How do you get better at safety? Especially in 2020 where in-person learning was practically impossible? In our experience, the answer depends on where your organization is on its safety journey. For some, there’s a need to develop safety leadership skills in supervisors. For others, the solution is broader exposure control, targeted risk management, remote learning or serious injury prevention. Still, others need a combination of all the above.
DEKRA has worked with countless clients to improve safety performance and strengthen their business even during this unprecedented pandemic. This combined experience gives us rare insight into what works and what doesn’t. Over the years, we’ve shared these insights with clients in the form of white papers and eBooks that address the most critical aspects of safety.

Below are the 10 eBooks and whitepapers that your peers in safety found impacted how they approach workplace safety throughout 2020. We hope they provide the insights you need to help you build a safer organization as we enter the new year.

Don’t see a topic that interests you? Don't worry, we have an entire library of safety topics to choose from. Please visit our eBooks and white paper page or explore our newest archive of on-demand webinars.

Happy New Year!


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